about tim

Tim is a senior data engineer from New Zealand, responsible for large scale text mining, distributed processing and machine learning pipelines. He is an experienced programmer with a deep interest in natural language processing, text mining and wider forms of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Tim is the vice president of the New Zealand Open Source Society, the treasurer of the NZ Python Users Group Inc, and the Sandstorm New Zealand community lead. He believes in building a more secure, less centralized Internet where individuals and families are able to have autonomy, freedom and privacy.

As an advocate of open acess to government information and data, he is a leader in New Zealand's open government data movement. Among other achievements, he was an invited contributor to Declaration on Open and Transparent Government during its development.

When working at the University of Auckland, he became the first New Zealand Software Carpentry instructor. Software Carpentry aims to increase the software engineering practices of researchers to enable greater reproducibility in contemporary science.

Digital humanitarianism has been a major thread of his personal and professional life. While most active in responding to disasters during 2009-2011, he continues to be active member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap community. He hopes to use deep learning to build street maps from satellite imagery in under-represented areas.

If you would like to learn more about Tim, his sporadicly updated website contains a number of blog posts and digital artwork: http://timmcnamara.co.nz.