Rust 2018: Use Relentless Positivity

Rust is a fantastic programming language, but I believe that adoption is held back largely due to a reputation for being difficult to learn. Let's fix »

2018 TODOs

A list of ideas of things that I want to try, do and achieve: Write a programming language, preferably for people who are new to programming »

Voxel Engine in QBasic

Ken Silverman, creator of voxlap, has the source code available from a number of his older engines. The one that really stood out for me was »

Interesting Operating System Projects

This page documents some attempts at creating a better operating system, perhaps outside of the Unix/Windows world. This document is a work in progress. Feel »

Avoid DIY Encryption by Learning About Encryption

Ever since I read about a pretty fundamental flaw with the aes gem, I have been bugged with the questions, "So, what's the right way to »