IO Completion Ports (IOCP) and Asynchronous I/O through STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR

tl;dr Can't be done directly. You have two options: a) mock async I/O with threads, or b) redirect STDIN, STDOUT & STDERR to other »

Etymology of Rust Language Terms

My impression of reading crate documentation is that much of Rust's community assume a fairly high level of understanding of systems programming and computer science. Perhaps »

An Incomplete History of Concurrent Programming Languages

Many computer scientists have tried to make concurrent programming easier over several decades. What can we learn from that work? Disclaimer 1: You are the peer »

Describing the Actor Model of Computation

I have always been under the impresssion that an actor is more or less defined as an isolated process that communicates via message passing, with each »

Escaping from Rust's Borrow Checker

Rust is a a programming language that provides strong assurances about safety. It achieves that by being confident about who is responsible for what at any »